I sure appreciate the warm welcome.

I’ve had my twitter account since May 20, 2010. I just haven’t tweeted very much until recently. I know, I know, it’s a bit ridiculous, and y’all are probably wonderin’ why I didn’t join in the frenzy. Fact of the matter is, there were so many folks out there, I was gettin’ real confused.

I know I’ve always said, “I’m just a waitress” – and while that may bear true, I lead a pretty darn complex life. A maenad made (or grew?) a meat tree outside my house. My ex-boyfriend’s a vampire. I can hear people’s thoughts. I met a fella in Dallas who’s older than Jesus. I’m a faery. An’ someone thought it’d be funny to take a look at my life and create a TV show about it. Well, heck. True Blood‘s pretty spot-on.

It’s an honor to be on @TrueBloodHBO’s endorsed character list. It’s even more of an honor to have all of you followin’ and tweetin’ me, ’cause, believe me, I’ve been the outcast most my life. I’d blame it on the other kids, but Gran didn’t raise me that way. Y’all have been a great source of support through my tryin’ times, and I’m hopin’ that this support system will only continue to grow.

I sure do appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from all y’all on twitter – and beyond. I only hope I continue to impress.


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