I’m Sookie Stackhouse, and I’m a waitress, fresh from Bon Temps, Louisiana. I joined twitter sometime last year, when Eric Northman introduced me to the idea of usin’ the internet to talk to folks ’round here and everywhere else. Hey, if it saves minutes on my phone, it works. Not long after, Sam Merlotte told me that I ought to use facebook, too. It’s a bit more private than twitter, anyhow, right? Eventually, I set this blog up with the help of Bill Compton, my…ex-boyfriend, since he’s a bit more computer-savvy than most folks.

A few months later, here I am. You can follow me on twitter @Sookie_Waitress.

A couple years ago, someone decided my first couple journals were of value, and decided to make a show called True Blood. I’m not affiliated with HBO and the folks that put the show together – but, golly! Those people’re pretty darn accurate. I also don’t know Charlaine Harris, the person who invented the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Hey, I’m just a waitress from the south…who happens to be telepathic.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at morethanjustawaitress@gmail.com, or check my friends – and me – out online.


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