Lookin’ for me?

In case you didn’t notice the links showin’ where y’all can find me on the right side of this website, here’s a little “map” of all the places you folks can find me.

TWITTER: well, it’s easy to update, and all the people I know are over there. You can follow me @Sookie_Waitress.

FACEBOOK: well, who doesn’t have one these days? Follow me @ Sookie Stackhouse.

TUMBLR: for all those random things I feel like sharin’ a blurb about, y’all can follow me right over here.

FOLKS I KNOW: I’m not the only one who tweets. So does Sam Merlotte, my boss, an’ that tall, blonde one I don’t like talkin’ about very much.

PRESS: guess people like readin’ about a telepathic waitress from Bon Temps, Louisiana. I’ve got a few interviews all lined up – once they’re online for y’all to grab, I’ll make sure you can access ’em.


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