True Blood Tweetin’: a few updates

Howdy, y’all! I’ve got a few updates an’ notes for you folks that should help you navigate the world of TrueBlood that lives on twitter a little better. Here we go.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to clarify who it is I tweet with. I can’t blame y’all for askin’ – there are a lot of supernaturally-charged creatures (and the people who deal with ’em) on twitter. First and foremost, the easiest way to find all of us is by checkin’ @TweetTrueBlood’s character list. TweetTrueBlood is a fan-run news aggregator that collects TrueBlood news from some of the best sources online. It’s been in existence for well over a year, garnering attention from actors, other characters, and official HBO accounts. We’ve been working with them in the past few months to create an all new fan experience – so hold tight for more details!

You can also find all the characters right here. As the page says, the list is constantly being updated, so do check back soon (an’ I mean real soon) if you’re lookin’ for any one particular character.

Second off the bat is with regards to any sort of affiliation with HBO. For the record, I don’t have one. They’ve been so, so sweet to endorse me from @TrueBloodHBO (the official True Blood handle on twitter) on both their character list and ultimate truebie list, in addition to featuring me on the @HBO TrueBlood list. But this certainly does not mean I work for HBO. Last I checked, my boss was still Sam Merlotte. I am, however, very flattered that it’s even possible to think I work for HBO, so thank y’all very much!

Last, but not least… @Sookie_Waitress is the only Sookie account I run. It’s one-hundred-percent mine, an’ I’m darn well proud of it. While there are a number of fantastic folks out there – many of whom I’ve tweeted in the past – I simply don’t have the time to be runnin’ anything more than just plain Sookie. I mean, heck. I’m just a waitress. …Mostly.

Have any more questions? By all means, leave a comment. I’ll gladly answer.