OOC: This needs being said.

I’m a little miffed at quite a few of the things I’ve seen as of late within the world of True Blood RP. I make it my number one priority not to go out of character in whichever roleplay I’m a part of, therefore, please, take this for what it’s worth. [If you’re not a roleplayer, this doesn’t pertain to you. I’m sorry for breaking character so early on in.]

I’ve been a roleplayer for years – and not necessarily on twitter. I’ve participated in forum roleplays, emails, even your basic nerdy chatroom roleplay. Put short, I’m a geek. I’m not going to pretend I just jumped up and tried roleplay here for the first time and got my character nailed down. As far as I’m concerned, half of you probably don’t think I’m anywhere near close to Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse (which, by the way, is the Sookie I prefer, over the book Sook. No, I don’t dislike the books – I love them. Don’t get me wrong. I just have my own opinions.). But you know what? That’s fine by me. I’m here to have fun, and so are my friends. We’re all a composite of different RP levels – at least, as far as True Blood is concerned. Some of our members are brand-spankin’-new to the world of True Blood that exists on Twitter. Others of us have been tweeting on and off for the past little while. And a one of our group members was a core part of the original True Blood group that came into being right before Season 2 aired on HBO. (I won’t post her name up unless s/he’d like for me to. That would not be fair.) None of them, however, were impressed with the way some of your other roleplay groups / roleplayer friends reacted to their tweeting this week. In fact, I’d say we were all downright disgusted. If you have an opinion about the way we tweet something out, keep it polite, or don’t say anything at all. And I mean that. I’m tired of reading the blatant B.S. that’s plaguing this fandom.

If True Blood is geared at adults, why are members of its fandom so immature? We are all just fans. This brings me to my other point: roleplay isn’t about being a corporation. It isn’t about being famous, and it most certainly is not about becoming officially noticed in any which way. Your followers are not your fans – they’re people, just like you, who enjoy the same things you do. Roleplay is about literally immersing yourself in something you enjoy in order to get to know other people who’d like to do the same. For instance, the Yield To Me roleplay group has done a phenomenal job of using a show and book series they enjoy, incorporating fresh, new characters, and creating storylines we can all love and enjoy. I’m sad to see that their Eric and Sookie are busy, but I’d love to read their storylines once they’re back up. (If you want more info on them, PLEASE check them out at http://ytmtwitter.com . They’re fantastic, and very hard-working. I look up to them.)

Some people have great success with their roleplay. They garner thousands of followers, and that’s because what they do is quality. Others, however, treat it as a competition, and sometimes they resort to doing whatever they can – out of desperation – to be the most popular version of their character on the ‘net. Roleplay is not, and should never be a competition of any sort. It’s supposed to be a place for fun. Sure, things happen, and I respect that. We’re all humans. I don’t care if you tweet as a vampire, or are pretending to be a dead bird. There are real people behind these accounts, and despite mistakes that have been made in the past, they should be forgiven. It’s not okay to bully your way through a roleplay of any sort, merely because you feel either threatened or possessive.

I realize this post is long, and for that I apologize. A point here needs to be put on the table: people, try to get along with each other. Respect each other. Don’t be quick to blame (and yes, I did notice the juvenile activities going on earlier this week. I wasn’t involved, and I’m sure there are ways for me to prove that, but I don’t need to.). And if you don’t like someone – or something someone is doing – leave them be. It’s not in your place to tell them what to do, or if/how/why they are wrong. They’ve got friends who’ll help them out. Just get along – and please, don’t post things up impetuously.

As @SookieBonTemps once very rightly said, the world needs all the Sookies it can get. I am a huge supporter of roleplay groups on the whole, and I love getting to know them. Please, keep ’em coming.

I hope this is the last time anyone has to say anything on the subject. I certainly won’t be breaking the in-character wall I like keeping up any time soon unless this kind of problem escalates.

If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, good! Let’s keep things that way. 🙂

– S.