Big, Easy #TrueBlood Giveaway.

Howdy, folks! We’ve reached six episodes in the TrueBlood season – that’s right half way in the middle, from my reckonin’ – an’ I think it’s time we sat down and had ourselves a giveaway. It’s simple; here’s what you have to do.

On True Blood Online, created by @TweetTrueBlood (with the help of yours truly, @EricFangtasia, @SamMerlotteBT, @Alcide_Herveaux, and plenty of others), there are quite a few hidden pages for fans ‘n’ fangs alike to hunt ‘n’ find. Your task? Find this page:

This is the Species Sorter quiz. It’s not too hard to find (need a hint?*), if you look close enough. The first five people to complete the quiz, take a screenshot of their result, and tweet their answer (and picture) to me at @Sookie_Waitress will win True Blood swag. Don’t have twitter? Fair enough. Send me an email or post it on my facebook page.

A couple guidelines and important notes:

  1. If you’re on twitter, you must be following these True Blood characters: @Sookie_Waitress, @EricFangtasia, @_Bill_Compton, @SamMerlotteBT, @JessicaBonTemps, @Alcide_Herveaux, and @VampPerfection.
  2. If you’re not on twitter, make sure you “like” these facebook pages instead: Sookie, Eric, Bill, Sam, Jessica, Alcide, and Pam.
  3. If you’re not in the United States, that’s perfectly fine. I’m willin’ to ship anywhere!
Good luck, an’ get goin’!
*remember this phrase: “What are you?”

True Blood Tweetin’: a few updates

Howdy, y’all! I’ve got a few updates an’ notes for you folks that should help you navigate the world of TrueBlood that lives on twitter a little better. Here we go.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to clarify who it is I tweet with. I can’t blame y’all for askin’ – there are a lot of supernaturally-charged creatures (and the people who deal with ’em) on twitter. First and foremost, the easiest way to find all of us is by checkin’ @TweetTrueBlood’s character list. TweetTrueBlood is a fan-run news aggregator that collects TrueBlood news from some of the best sources online. It’s been in existence for well over a year, garnering attention from actors, other characters, and official HBO accounts. We’ve been working with them in the past few months to create an all new fan experience – so hold tight for more details!

You can also find all the characters right here. As the page says, the list is constantly being updated, so do check back soon (an’ I mean real soon) if you’re lookin’ for any one particular character.

Second off the bat is with regards to any sort of affiliation with HBO. For the record, I don’t have one. They’ve been so, so sweet to endorse me from @TrueBloodHBO (the official True Blood handle on twitter) on both their character list and ultimate truebie list, in addition to featuring me on the @HBO TrueBlood list. But this certainly does not mean I work for HBO. Last I checked, my boss was still Sam Merlotte. I am, however, very flattered that it’s even possible to think I work for HBO, so thank y’all very much!

Last, but not least… @Sookie_Waitress is the only Sookie account I run. It’s one-hundred-percent mine, an’ I’m darn well proud of it. While there are a number of fantastic folks out there – many of whom I’ve tweeted in the past – I simply don’t have the time to be runnin’ anything more than just plain Sookie. I mean, heck. I’m just a waitress. …Mostly.

Have any more questions? By all means, leave a comment. I’ll gladly answer.

I sure appreciate the warm welcome.

I’ve had my twitter account since May 20, 2010. I just haven’t tweeted very much until recently. I know, I know, it’s a bit ridiculous, and y’all are probably wonderin’ why I didn’t join in the frenzy. Fact of the matter is, there were so many folks out there, I was gettin’ real confused.

I know I’ve always said, “I’m just a waitress” – and while that may bear true, I lead a pretty darn complex life. A maenad made (or grew?) a meat tree outside my house. My ex-boyfriend’s a vampire. I can hear people’s thoughts. I met a fella in Dallas who’s older than Jesus. I’m a faery. An’ someone thought it’d be funny to take a look at my life and create a TV show about it. Well, heck. True Blood‘s pretty spot-on.

It’s an honor to be on @TrueBloodHBO’s endorsed character list. It’s even more of an honor to have all of you followin’ and tweetin’ me, ’cause, believe me, I’ve been the outcast most my life. I’d blame it on the other kids, but Gran didn’t raise me that way. Y’all have been a great source of support through my tryin’ times, and I’m hopin’ that this support system will only continue to grow.

I sure do appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from all y’all on twitter – and beyond. I only hope I continue to impress.